College of Education for Women

MIT College of Education was started with main motto of empowering women. The purpose is not only to educate women but also to make them capable of educating their next generation and standing on their own feet to face the world with more confidence. We have wonderful faculty who strive to achieve excellence through hard work and genuine discipline to realise our core values. Educating women and making them efficient enough to impart the knowledge to coming generations is sure transform the whole society and human civilization for good.

Women empowerment is about freedom, equality and inclusiveness. Education will enlighten them and pave way for them to live with dignity and integration. To help them achieve all this with ease we provide various facilities like fully equipped library, laboratory facilities with international standards and scholarships. We have a fully furnished and adequately equipped language laboratory. Along with these facilities we not only educate them to become a teacher, but our placement cell makes sure they stand in their feet as soon as qualified.

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